EU ETS Dashboard, an interactive tool to analyse data from the European Union Emission Trading System

A new way to access emissions data

Data on power and industry greenhouse gas emissions for every installation.

100% Open Source

Sandbag has a commitment to Open Source Software. We believe in the benefits of making our tools available to the community for free as part of an effort to fight against Climate Change. The EU ETS Dashboard is released under the AGPLv3 license. Check this section for information about the open source libraries used.


The EU ETS Dashboard is cross-platform and thus can be accessed on your laptop, smartphone, tablet... without the need to install anything in advance. Just open your browser and play with the data!


We have included a set of different user-friendly reactive visualizations that would allow you to explore the data from different perspectives by directly interacting with them. Make use of them together with the various filters available and help us find stories hidden in the data!

Challenges and Successes

The EU ETS remains a broken market, failing to drive the CO2 cuts needed to prevent dangerous climate change, and failing to support the new clean industrial revolution that the EU needs. But Sandbag has had some big successes in improving the scheme.

Banning HFC offsets

At the beginning of the EU ETS, millions of dodgy carbon offsets flooded the scheme, from greenhouse gas HFC-23, a by-product of the manufacturing of the refrigerant gas HCFC-22. Sandbag successfully helped campaign for them to be banned, protecting the integrity of the EU ETS.

Market Stability Reserve

A vast surplus of billions of unused pollution allowances keep the EU ETS price so low. Last year, Sandbag helped win a reform called the Market Stability Reserve, which will eventually remove the surplus from the system. However, the EU needs to take action now, and the new reform won’t get rid of the surplus until around 2030. Quicker action is needed!