Mapping EUETS Emissions

The emissions map is a visualisation of greenhouse gas emission sources covered by the EU ETS. It shows the most recent data available on regional emissions as well as individual installations. The tool can be used to identify sources of industrial emissions by country and sector.

Map the emissions

The Dashboard is built using data from the EUTL. However, some data within that is incorrect, including map coordinates. Please let us know if you spot mistakes so that we can correct them.

Map aggregations

Aggregations of installations

Nearby installations emissions are aggregated and displayed as circles which are proportional both in size and color to the value they represent. Hover over them and you will see the specific area they represent. Just click on the circles if you want to zoom into it.

Filter data by sector

Sector-specific icons

Installations associated to different sectors can be quickly identifed by just having a look at the map

Filter data using our power flag

Installation data

Click on the map markers in order to open a dialog where the most relevant information for each installation will be displayed.